I only SORT of wrote a blog post about Girls.

So, I’ve hit the “two months left” mark in my job contract and I feel like I’m running out of juice.

This past week has been a flurry of anxious activity, from twisting my knee in the effort to make my morning train and consequently doing a lot of research on the necessity of stitches (I concluded they were, at that juncture, unnecessary; the whole incident could be illuminating as to the state of my awkward inadequacy at being a Self-Sufficient Grown-Up Who Understands How to Take Care of Herself), to moodily looking up jobs whilst sitting on the bed in the dark, growling to Twitter and my significant other about feeling simultaneously un-and over-qualified for my line of work … how romantic. How typical. How boring!

Believe me, there is a  significant effort going on to not make this blog turn into yet another broad, pointless thinkpiece on the intellectual state of Generation Y/ME/Millenials/etc., even if it doesn’t always seem that way. And while I definitely think most Internet ruminations on the new TV show Girls are not all that captivating, this one at the Billfold resonated with me. Consider this snippet:

All I know is I can feel it around me, this sense that we all want to be young and dumb forever. I have a suspicion that we think being a mess equals being young equals being vital.

I’ve talked before about being really into digital community-building, my experiences with it and how it changes the way we talk about basic issues and all that. Now, the personal crisis of growing up and trying to assert your independence while wanting to relive 21-year old youthful abandon over and over is not an issue specific to my generation. Conceivably, anyone who has ever been 24 has, regardless of their [left intentionally blank] status, gone through some semi-existential crisis in the effort to “make sense of it all.” The pivotal difference between every single generation going through the exact same thing is that we can broadcast that angst and build almost intangible communities around it. We can build communities around being tired of playing drunk louches day and night, and we can inspire others to try to live more meaningfully (and not in the sense of #YOLO — which, quick segue, is an acronym I only recently figured out and use way more often than is cool, lol irony etc). “You Only Live Once,” but you should probably try to live more responsibly/meaningfully, in the interests of self-sustainability and just being a happier human.

As for my own, personal commands for getting out of the Hot Mess Rut: try not to spend every paycheck on the dumbest things ($10! Just save $10 a month and you’ll be better off); admire the just-blooming magnolias; stop recklessly rushing because you’ll inevitably twist your knee and be the bloody pariah on MARTA; write that weekly blog post because your brain will rot otherwise; write more and more and more because you won’t get better just thinking about it; generally pay more attention to social and environmental surroundings.

Also, yesterday, I became a very minor local celebrity as I was one of Atlanta Magazine’s Tweets of the Day. To  celebrate, I went to an impromptu barbecue where I ate veggie kebobs and enjoyed Atlanta springtime. So, there’s that, and there’s something great about just sitting on a back deck when it’s nearly May.

Web items  that are tangentially related to this blog post; or, things I’ve found interesting this week:

  • Transformational Entrepreneurship: “To successfully make the transition to the new socioeconomic era of the information age, we need to learn to focus the enormous power and efficiency of capitalism on the world’s most important problems.” (Long, but worth it.)
  • Salon: No Sympathy for the Creative Class. Recommendation: read this if you are in the intended target market of Girls and want to get bummed out super quickly.
  • I’ve been posting on my Tumblr more lately, having finally found a groove that differentiates its content from this blog’s. So, here are some Tumblr tips that I did not write myself.
  • A look at digital urbanism, and its success in Boston. And to think, this time last year I could have been living and working in Boston. Ah, youthful abandon.
  • Say no to social media interns. Did you know that I could not agree more with this article? “Businesses who truly care about ROI will entrust the digital face of their business to someone who will be meticulous and exacting by giving them a monetary stake in that product. ” THIS THIS THIS. If your social media marketing is important enough to your business that you’re actively seeking someone out to do it for you, pay them for their work.

So, now it’s the freakin’ weekend and baby I’m about to have me some fun, etc etc.


One thought on “I only SORT of wrote a blog post about Girls.

  1. I’m just glad the baby vampire didn’t take you before your time. You’re still here and able to admire the magnolias, get retweeted by local media outlets, and write blog posts that get me through the final moments of Friday afternoon.

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