Not to be confused with Kraftwerk.

This page is under a bit of construction while I decide what’s next for it! In the meantime, you can contact me at for my most up-to-date work samples.

A snippet of previous work:

      • 12/6/10: Digital Design Fellowship Bi-Annual Report, No. 1 ∣ Download PDF
      • 4/7/11: Follow this link to download the audio recording of my talk, “Defining Our Digital Identity: Using Social Media Responsibly.” (Then, marvel at the soothing, dulcet tones of my voice.) To find out more about my Fellowship work, visit my other site.
      • 4/28/11: Download my PowerPoint presentation for the 2011 Spring Annual Research Conference (SpARC) at Agnes Scott: “Digital Learning: Assessing the Impact of ePortfolios in the Liberal Arts Community.”
      • 5/25/11: Digital Design Fellowship Final Report Download PDF
      • Read the case study I wrote for Kate’s Club, on behalf of Home Depot Foundation’s Building Community Day Impact Awards. Building Community Day alumni were invited to submit their stories of impact, from which The Home Depot Foundation chose four winners with the most compelling stories of impact (one in each category) who were each awarded grants of $5,000. A second story of great impact was also recognized in each category and selected to be featured as a case study in GCN’s 2012 Nonprofit IMPACT Award report. The winning stories in this competition demonstrated projects and initiatives where elements of high performance have made a considerable and transformative impact  on an organization and their ability to deliver upon their mission.

what faculty had to say about my work as digital design fellow (2010-11):

Speaking from personal experience, you are the only reason I have been able to venture a toe into digital waters at all—I don’t think I’m anomalous as a professor who is interested and willing to expand my use of technological resources for pedagogical reasons, but lacks the knowledge, confidence, or time  that it would take to get there on my own.  The session you spent with me and my student intern (helping her create a blog for her internship as my assistant) was a revelation.  It’s the kind of front-lines, student contact position that I believe is core to the ASC experience; and it’s a front-lines, faculty contact position as well.


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