more summertime talk.

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

Technically, the college is closed on Fridays to give staff a four-day work week, but I enjoy coming in anyway, if a little later than my usual 8:30 start time. I have the entire library to myself (er, minus the motion detectors that have yet to go off … knock on wood) and can play the new Bon Iver as loudly as I like, even if some of it sounds an awful lot like elevator music.

I’ve been considering summertime — specifically, summertime in Atlanta, and how I’d like to make this one really fantastic; the declaration everyone seems to make around Memorial Day. I prefer “summer resolutions” to New Year’s; something about the end of the school year and the beginning of festival/tomato season gets me itching to change something about myself/my routine. New Year’s Day just feels like another day, albeit with a more legitimate headache.

Summer 2011, at least so far, has meant coming home from work, running, scheming while running, sketching and coming up with new ideas. It’s too hot to be anything but creative. Anyway, I’m writing and drawing more. My significant other gave me a Bedazzler for my 22nd birthday, and a year.5 later, it has yet to find the right victim. Perhaps my summer will be categorized by a bedazzled Snuggie and a few full notebooks. And worn-down running shoes. (No rompers or feather extensions, please and thank you.)

(image links to my Flickr.)

My favorite summer in Atlanta was the one following my year in France. I lived in a pre-fab Peoplestown duplex with several boys (one of whom has an art show this weekend at MINT Gallery), worked at a coffeeshop, and half-heartedly worked on my senior thesis. I met a lot of new, interesting people outside of my college friendset, learned to love burritos (RIP La Casita), and took the best set of pictures in my collection. That summer tasted like cheap beer and black beans, smelled like hot garbage, sounded like Bone Awl, and felt unimaginably sweaty. It was a good, free summer, punctuated by nights at Eyedrum or the now-defunct East Atlanta Social Club (no judging). So, uh, not my most intellectual summer, but a fine one all the same.

This year, I’m ready to hit the ground running:

(image links to source.)

I discovered this image through The Finer Things, a stationery blog I follow. I think all of these goals are more feasible for Atlanta Summer 2011. Particularly if one of those to-do items involves a Chocolate Sea Salt popsicle from the indomitable King of Pops. I’m also determined to get my paws on one of Hector Santiago‘s tofu burritos, go to a laser show, and find a pool to swim in. One that is not made up of my own sweat.

Anyway, this is all to say that I’m optimistic about the season upon us. I’ve also been putting some thought into moving this site’s content over to my Tumblr for streamlining purposes. At least if I’m not working for a little while, it should keep me busy …


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