recaps and other recent things.

So, our Defining Our Digital Identity […] event was a success! I suppose there was no real way for it to fail, per se. We’d structured it as a roundtable discussion so as not to “preach at” people about using social media responsibly, rather, to gauge how members of the campus community used different platforms as well as brainstorm some possible best practices. We had a really diverse group of participants of fellow staff members, fellow Fellows, librarians and students, so the discussion proved a really great way to hash out digital issues in a structured setting. I’m fairly certain we covered all the topics we were hoping to, and then some. I’m glad we were able to work in a variety of platforms to discuss outside of Facebook and Twitter — a good portion of our discussion revolved around other venues for microblogging (i.e., Tumblr) and geotagging (e.g., Foursquare). I’d really like for this sort of discussion to happen on a regular basis on campus, because as we’re taught to analyze and critique the media around us, in whatever forms, this type of dialogue is incredibly pertinent. Would I change anything about our event? Since we only had an hour to cover the basics, I’m not sure we could have fit everything else in. And in lieu of the fact that the academic year is more than halfway through, I’m not sure we’ll be able to hold another one. That said, in our discussion of microblogging (and, in particular, Tumblr), I would have loved to bring up the topic of linking as it relates to a digital source-citing. It’s an issue that’s come up a lot in Tumblr (though definitely not exclusive to that platform), wherein someone finds a pretty picture they admire, but won’t go to the trouble of finding the source of the picture. This discredits the original artist, of course, but is also lazy blogging. But, perhaps, more on that later.

Also, it turned out that I misspoke a little about the recording of the event; instead of being filmed, our talk was recorded via audio device by the Educational Technology Center, and is soon to be reformatted so I can post it to my DDF site!

In other news, I’m headed to Boston this weekend for a fancy-pants big-girl job interview. Though I’ve managed to get a lot of interesting and major job experience under my belt through and after college, I still managed to go this time without doing a super-formal interview. I’ve also never been to Boston before, so it’s going to be an adventure either way. I’m concerned that it will be really cold, after I just finished basking in 80º Atlanta weather … but beggars ought not be choosers. Since my tenure as DDF is coming to a close very soon, I need to figure out where my career is going to take me. These student loans ain’t gonna pay themselves …


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