a fresh start.

An official welcome to what I am now considering my ePortfolio! As I described at greater length on my Fellowship blog, I’ll be using this space as my own site for reflection and general goings-on in my professional life (well, as much as one can have a “professional life” at 22), as well as a space for projects and personal/academic achievements past.

Now that that’s out of the way! Down to business. I was invited to speak on a blogger panel at an alumnae event for my alma mater (and current employer) early this past Saturday morning. While at first I was unsure as to what my role would actually be on the panel, it ended up a fairly informal session spent with 3 other alumnae discussing our blogging experiences to an audience of about twenty (including alums, current students, and members of the greater Decatur community). I was in pretty great company, joined by Atlanta fashion favorites Lauren and Catherine Lee (’05 and ’05, respectively) of Asian Cajuns fame, as well as Dawn Sloan Downes (’92), who’s a freelance marketing consultant and blogs about parenting. Prior to the panel, we heard a presentation on social media outlets by Kirby Hager Johnson (’06), during which the audience was given a fairly thorough survey of ways to network socially.

For my part, I really enjoyed being able to speak on the post-presentation blogging panel. We were all able to discuss our ventures into the blogosphere (ugh… that word), our writing styles, and perhaps most importantly, why we blog. It was great to listen to the other panelists talk about what led them to start their respective blogs, and how their interests had expanded in tandem with their posts. We represented a diverse spectrum of “reasons to blog” — fashion and style, parenting, and ePortfolios aren’t always found in the same sentence (or “expert panel,” for that matter) but I felt the four of us showed off some pretty compelling reasons to start writing on the web — whether for personal or professional growth. I was able to explain my own position as Digital Design Fellow to the alums (including Shannon Yarbrough [’09], who created the position last year), and expressed my interest in seeing Agnes Scott graduates develop their own ePortfolios!

All in all, a pretty great adventure for so early in the morning. A million thanks to Alumnae Relations for allowing me to join the panel, and I hope I’ll get many more opportunities in the future!


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